Cloud communications broker for Canadian businesses

Virtualink is a network of advisors who have a rich background in telecom, IT and software sales, engineering and project management. 

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What's a cloud communications broker?

Technology is constantly evolving... traditional telecom products have converged, or been replaced, with next generation cloud-based products. Where telecom companies used to operate the communications domain, the advent of UCaaS and SaaS providers has crowded the market with hundreds of options. Virtualink is partnered with over 100 suppliers that cater to the Canadian market and acts as a broker for businesses to build and procure single or multi-vendor solutions.  More importantly, your Virtualink Advisor is a different kind of salesperson. They've spent many years working in the industry and use that expertise as an independent salesperson to represent their clients without the bias and burden of a narrow product scope and challenging sales quotas. 

Your Virtualink Advisor

Virtualink Advisors have worked for the big guys and the little guys. They have a long list of industry contacts developed over years of experience working with business clients. They are business owners who cultivate life-long relationships with you - business leaders, executives, owners - to support your business decisions everyday. Our decentralized structure allows us to have advisors with strong industry relationships and deep market knowledge that are more focused and responsive in the communities where they work and live.

Our Partners

Virtualink is partnered with hundreds of suppliers. Meet with an Advisor for a complete list.