Meet Virtualink

With over 300 global supplier partners, Virtualink is Canada's best choice for business communications to support your cloud communications transformation. We specialize in Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms such as Zoom, backed by software-defined or traditional data infrastructure (SD Internet, SD WAN, Dedicated Ethernet). The world of work is constantly changing and today's businesses need to support remote or hybrid workers, video conferencing applications, access to cloud computing systems, manage SaaS platforms and more.  Our Advisors are at the heart of what makes Virtualink unique. Find out why working with a Virtualink Advisor just makes sense. 

What's a Virtualink Advisor?

Advisors are independent consultants that can offer nearly everything available on the market today. Compared to direct sales reps from individual suppliers, Virtualink Advisors build complete, unbiased solutions for your business.

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